DeLuca Training

Is it the content or how it’s presented?

…that seems like the obvious answer. I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be. It doesn’t seem like that’s always the case.

We participated in a meeting a few days ago on mobile learning. The people around our ‘virtual table’ were shocked that they could only have 160 – 200 ppi for resolution on mobile devices. “What about movies?” they cried! “What about FLASH®?” They shouted! “We can’t deliver engaging or interesting training without graphics! Who will watch it?” “What do you mean that FLASH® doesn’t work on the Mac?”

Mute can be a really good thing sometimes…

These people demonstrated an interface that looked like a web page from 1985 and took way too long to load. They discussed how clever they had been in designing an icon, a title and a series of links to movie…

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